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Targeted success requires clarity of mission. We work with your team to first clearly understand your starting point and your goals. We then work with your team and our tools to analyze your audience, finding the most valuable members of your tribe and where there are growth opportunities.


And have spent our lives in politics.
Let us show you the way.


    We use a blend of deep industry experience, proprietary technology tools and our powerful partner network to deliver on demand growth and engagement resulting in elections won, funds raised, and communities mobilized.


    Once we synthesize campaign objectives and established success metrics, we deploy a set of proprietary technologies that enable us to increase user growth and engagement at scale. Always real users, always opt-in, no gimmicks.


    Acquiring users is just the beginning, we now need to make sure the right message is delivered at the right time to ignite action. Our team delivers persuasive messaging that gets people out of the house and into the ballot box, rally, or protest. Transform online followers to front line activists.

    Craig Johnson

    Johnson (he/him) is co-founder and President of Unfiltered.Media. During his nearly 10 years of experience in political and issue-based digital communications he has provided digital services and strategy to several Members of Congress and Feminist Majority, and as the digital director for Americans for Tax Fairness, led a major digital campaign against the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    Nick Guthman

    Guthman (he/el) is a co-founder of Unfiltered.Media and a progressive political organizer based in Washington, DC. For the past six years, he has worked on local and national electoral races, as well as issue advocacy campaigns surrounding health care & tax fairness.

    Alan Rosenblatt Ph. D.

    Alan Rosenblatt, Ph. D.

    Dr. Rosenblatt (he/him) is a partner at Unfiltered.Media and a digital communications and social media strategist, professor & thought leader with over 25 years’ experience at the digital intersection of politics, advocacy, media, and education.

    Lacy Crawford Jr.

    Crawford (he/him) is Communications Director and Partner at Unfiltered.Media and is a progressive communications strategist with 8 years of experience based in Washington, DC. Crawford has provided strategic communications support on retirement security, criminal justice reform and trade issues.

    Justin Strekal

    Strekal (he/him) is a partner at Unfiltered Media and an experienced organizer and advocate. His wide-ranging policy reform expertise includes issues such as marijuana, campaign finance, tax, and wage fairness. For five years, Strekal was the federal lobbyist for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the nation’s largest and longest-running marijuana advocacy group. Strekal has more than a decade of electoral campaign experience, managing federal, state, and local races across the country.

    Andrea Haverdink

    Haverdink (she/her) is the Creative Director for Unfiltered.Media and is a digital professional with experience in videography, graphic design, and progressive activism. Based in Washington, DC, she has worked for consulting firms, congress and nonprofit organizations alike.